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question about traveling to u.s.

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Hey all I'm from B.C. Canada and I'm just brainstorming a road trip to the U.S. with me and a buddy and our quads. I wanna hit a few areas (maybe moab/california/Hatfield and McKoys) just wondering if i need any certain permits or anything to cross border and if i need some sorta insurance or permits to be riding in certain areas in the states or if every state would be different. Sorry for my punctuation and thanks in advance guys. Cheers!!!:aniwheeler6:
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My friend Mike who is another forum manager on the nyroc forum has been to Moab and is going again this spring. He is from Hope BC. He would have some good info for you on that area. He goes by Glenlivet on I have been riding in BC with him several times.
Great. Hope is 30 mins from me was just quading just outside of hope last weekend. Ill try and get in touch. Thanks for info
If you go to the Paiute trails in Utah(Richfield / Marysvale area) you may use up all your allotted time there. There is approx. 2000 miles of marked trails in that system, plus there are several other trail systems in that general area of the state too. No special permits or licenses that I know of.:smilietwocents:

ok nice. ya I've just noticed bunch of vids with people and their licence plates on their quads and I've heard that trails close at night and whatnot. I'm not really interested in that kinda thing lol
i will definitely look up the paiute trail system thow, 2000miles sounds like a lot of fun :p lol
Make sure you have your ownership for atv and trailer, as it is sometimes requested when crossing border. Also make sure your ATV is clean (no mud), as I was turned around re-entering Canada once for excess mud.
I would also call my insurance company and fully understand what is covered in case anything is stolen or you have a car accident.
excess mud? lol thats crazy! and ya ill make sure i have all my info and talk to insurance. i was just worried that i would have to have separate insurance in certain states or "tags" or something for certain trails
The mud thing is common, don't want to risk contaminating eco systems. Anyone with jeeps or buggies that mud always need to wash them clean before crossing the border.
oh true i didn't think about that.. makes complete sense thow now
You need a thing called a "Passport" before you even think about crossing the border...and it takes a fair amount of time to get.
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