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Renegade 1000 xxc 2012 price Question

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hey guys im looking at buying a new to me 2012 renegade 1000 xxc or the new 2015 but i was curious if there was anything new from the 2012 version to the new 2015, and not just the digital camo! I got the guy to 10,000 canadian for the bike and it also has torqed dominator dual exhaust with removable quiet cores,twinair filter, dobec performance fuel tuner, dalton clutch kit, brp heated grips, extended mudguards, pitbull rocker xor tires on Douglas Diablo beadlock wheels, Brp aluminum skid plates, wild boar rear rack, have new winch and new brp winch mount but not installed.

i think it loks like a good deal, oh and it only has 1625 km's on it.

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Sounds good to me. Nothing that i know of has changed on the 15's except cosmetics.
i didn't think there was but wasn't 100% sure, why spend almost 19000 on a new one when i can get a little older and barley broken in!
I'm not 100% sure but was there a problem with where the power steering was mounted or something and the frame would crack? And the newer ones come with a bracket already welded on. Still not 100% sure though
Right, I never even put the brace on mine yet… lol
are you suppose to put one on or is this a factory recall thing?
Factory recall they offered to all 2012's. They warranty the frame with or without the frame for a long period of time. I forget time frame but its way longer than normal warranty/
well picked it up today, no worries about the frame guy haggled with the dealer and got a 2013 frame put in under warranty! sick bike it's got 95 HP :)
95hp? Does it have motor work or is that just from the exhaust and tuner? I assuming that's at the crank and not the wheels. A stock 1000 puts down abt 60-63 at the wheels.
guy before me put on a aftermarket exhaust, tuner and a better clutch. don't really know to much about the stuff really haha but it was on a dyno lol
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