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renegade/outlander 800 Black Muzzy slip on

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I got these in by mistake and they were supposed to be full systems I don't have alot of markup to work with but I'll blow them out at the cheapest prices on the internet!!

part # 1024-00010 Can am 800cc Teflon Black Single slip on (Retail price 354.95)

I have 2 of these in stock, I normally do not stock slip on stuff, these were sent in by mistake.

These fit BOTH Renegade and Outlander 800, Years: 2007, 08, 09, 10, 11.

these DO NOT FIT 2012 OR MAX versions

VFJ price 295.00
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I think these are the clamp system and not the spring system.

If you get a spring one for 2007 MAX i would be interested:th_smiliewoo:

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I do not know if Muzzys offers a MAX system?? I'll have to call and ask. I don't see it in amy of my books. and I want to get a 2013 100cc Max anyway, so they better get on the ball and get one made!!

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