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Replace Clutch ???

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I notice these cracks on my primary, should it be replaced, and what is the cause ??
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im guessing what caused it is the extra power your machine is making
Those are casting flaws, not cracks, common.
They sure look and feel like cracks???
Look like casting flaws. As said, very common.
Looks exactly like the casting flaws I had on my Kingquad clutch. I was parting it out so I took a dremel tool and ground one down a bit. It disappeared without going deep at all into the surface. Any cast parts can have those marks.
If you are too concerned with it, I can sell you a stock primary if the price is right since I replaced mine with the VFJ. Really, I'm kidding though. It's normal. Run it, or replace it with a better primary if you want to see what a Can Am can really do!
Casting lines & flaws .
Keep wallet closed .
Thanks for the info gents
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