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RJWC Exhaust

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Just got my slip on from RJWC for my xmr 1000. Anyone who has this exhaust i need to know, is the quiet core already in it? Do i need to unbolt and pull it out? Haven't installed it yet but plan to tomorrow.
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Look through the end of it and you will be able to tell if its there or not

well here's what it looks like. What do you think?


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Doesn't look like there's anything but its my first one so not sure what I'm looking for.
No your good, nothing there
So I just installed my RJWC exhaust. Ran my bike around the neighborhood about two times(15 minutes). Parked my bike and turned the key off. As i was walking away the biked turned it's self back on. Not the motor, just the electronics. The gauges started moving up and down on the display and it read,
"transmission failure". Can anyone please let me know what this means?

That's not from the exhaust, likely just some freak accident unless you're likely having transmission failure. Will the bike still start up and drive?

You can try clearing the trouble code and seeing if it comes back on.
yes it will start up and drive. Gonna pull the battery cable and let it run for while tomm and hope all is good.
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