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Seal leak

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Hey should I be good to silicone this ? I've had 3 rides since I last had the panel off but this is now leaking a bit

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The stator cover gasket is bad for that leak, clean it off with brake clean and use some silicon around the rubber grommet. I had one that was so bad it pooled oil there lol
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Ah ppl are saying on monsters I should pull the whole cover
For yours seeping a bit like it is I wouldn't bother pulling the cover, push up around the grommet and a lil bit of silicon will seal it all up good. Only time you'd pull a cover if it's leaking bad where it's actually pooling up oil and your due for an oil change
Which is very easy to do as well
Ah yup gonna be due in a few rides I think , ya it isn't that bad
That isn't bad at all, just like the antifreeze coming out of the water pump weep hole, damn Canam's and their slow leaks lol
I bet you that more then half the machines out there have the same look under that cover, mainly due to half the other machines out there never leave the garage and get dirty lol
Haha yup eh for sure , I'll just silicone it the automotive goop good or? Also should I run that water pump tube up to the pod?
Use silicone for the cover grommet, your water pump tube should already be up by the pod with running the brp snorkel kit
Ah maybe I'll check ok I got lots of silicone lol

This any good? All I got here is that and kitchen silicone lol
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And the water pump hose isn't ran to the pod just found it
Who did the snorkel kit? If it was you, well you aren't done yet lol
Nope I paid a brp mech to do it in my garage Cuz I was lazy and didn't wanna was working lots but yab guess I'm running this is up too
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