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Some new guy

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Hey gang!

Just managed to get my hands on a 2001 Traxter footshift (model 7439). It needs help, not running, but wasn't maintained perfectly either. I know, that's shocking :th_smiliefrustrated.

Well, so far I've found:
out both fuel line grommets at the tank are completely destroyed
the filters have fallen off
lines split
I am pretty certain the sprag is bad based on what the previous owner told me and what I have found searching on here
engine mounts are just gooey mush

Looks like a fun job:th_smiliewoo: if I can find all the parts.....:th_smiliepullhair::th_smiliepissed:
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good luck I think a lot of that old traxter stuff is hard o track down maybe ebay
look on can am site looks like parts are still available through them
Welcome to the site from Va!
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