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I'm thinking about going to stock mav heads on my G1 840.
My current heads a port n polish . +2 mm valves and woods racing cams.

I know I can take race cams and drop them in mav heads, but will I be ahead?
I'm assuming so seeing the chamber size and valves themselves are larger so in theory it makes sense to me.
1) I'm plan on doing some local hair scrambles. 850cc limit :/
2) My 840 kit is 12.5:1 / Bored TB / Modified air box / stock 09 intake.
3) Running PC5 with auto tune now. Dyno is less than 5 miles away. Eventually going a moster product for timing purposes.
4) Talked to greg, I know about the modifications to the heads and pistions. Most people forget that you need to make cleance for the larger valves.
5) IIRC correctly, its different plugs and boots. Wires should work.

Last dyno trip My peak power was at about 7100-7200. Took the air box lid off and gained 2whp. Thus modding the air box for more air.
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