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Suddenly lacking power

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So today I changed my engine oil and front diff oil on my 2014 800 Outlander XTP. I used the oil right from the dealership, so yes, it's absolutely the right oil. I used exactly 2 liters of engine oil and it lines up perfectly on the dip stick.

When accelerating from a stop, I can't even get the front end off the ground. There's a lack of power, but once I'm going, the power seems to be there until it hits 45 mph, then it completely cuts out. I have no power at all above 45 mph, but between 5-45 mph it seems to have tons of power.

Only thing I can think of is I washed my funnel out before I used it to fill the oil, but I wiped it dry with a rag. There may have been a handful of water droplets left in the funnel, but it was 99% dry. I just can't imagine such a tiny amount of water affecting it. The oil on the dipstick looks good too, not milky and not too thin.

Could that be the issue, or is it likely something else? Any ideas?
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Try your other key.
So, Did you try the other key?
Agree sounds like the low power key
Wow, that's embarrassing. Didn't even realize what that key was for. I bought this used
Yea man my buddy bought a second hand machine and the guy only had the other key....turns out the guy was selling it super cheap because he thought something was drastically wrong and in the end its because he was using the wrong key.
My first thought was the key as well but I didn't want to insult your intelligence. Glad it was an easy fix man.
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