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TFI - EFI Controller

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Does anybody have experience with these? I took my bike for it's virgin (to me) ride this weekend and although it was greatly enjoyed, it was extremely uncomfortable due to the heat coming from the exhaust along my left leg. It wasn't as bad at higher speeds but at slower speeds though the woods it was almost unbearable.

The only mod I'm able to find on the bike is an HMF Performance Exhaust and the TFI Controller. From what I've read, these bikes run hot to begin with but improper fuel mixture will cause them to run hotter. I'd like to adjust it to resolve the issue but don't want to start turning dials and cause more trouble either.

My alternative is to put the stock exhaust on that came with it and unhook the controller but I'd rather not do that if I don't have to.
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#1 - GREEN 2:00, #2 - YELLOW 4:00 #3 - RED 5:00, #4 - RPM 5:00

These are the base setting for a stock machine. You will likely have to go up 1-2 on each setting to get it set right for the exhaust. They are hot running no matter what though. Get used to it.
V-Twins run hot no doubt. You might consider running a fan controller. A popular mod on these machines. Not to expensive, not hard to install and HELP, not solve, the heat issue. Lots of info on this site about heat issues and ways to fight it.
This stuff worked wonders for me on my brute force 750. I will also be adding some to my xmr also. If adjusting your fuel controller doesn't seem to help much i would look into this.
Definitely run header wrap the entire length of the exhaust

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