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Timing help ASAP

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Ok guys major problem here, I've watched every video read every thread tried every way, I'm installing a set of super mags
First time I got it done turned it by hand binding, looked rear exhaust valves fully open piston at tdc? Double check, all marks correct not even off 1 tooth
So retimed other way, turned freely, try to start, no go, firing plugs on exhaust stroke, so tear down again, retimed rear cylinder first, than turned counter clockwise until #1 in hole, timed front cylinder up, turned engine over by hand, now front exhaust valves hitting piston
HELP!!! Why what is this issue here
Yes correct cam is in correct spot, lash set properly, timing marks line up every time but still a big issue I need this done asap
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what did u set valve height too ? something isnt set right or you wouldnt be having these problems recheck it again, did you take the heads off the bike for this install or do it with heads still in bike ? almost seems like the cams are in the wrong spot.... but they have a cut out in them and i didnt think it was possible for them to go back in the wrong spot cuz the cam sprocket can only go on one way, is it possible you put the rear cam sprocket on the front head and the front cam sprocket on the rear head when reinstalling?.... you installing these on an 800 or 1000? gen 1 or 2 ?
Or the bottom of the chain is wrapped around the crank gear or jammed between the guide at the bottom & catching where it's not supposed to .
Ask how I know . HaHa !
ok so I got it im pretty sure, I had to put the #1 in the mag hole just abit passed the spot for some reason, it was off a tooth caused by the crank
thats odd.... never heard of that problem ... the 1 in the crank hole is almost unrelivant seeing as these bikes make almost half a stroke before coming off of TDC, as long as its even close it seems to work fine, did alot of motors and never seen that problems ... i hope u got it figured out though
question did you have a check engine light come on when you did it ? P0339? im havng problems with mine too
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