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Upgrading Tie Rods on XMR 650 NEED HELP

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im looking to upgrade Tie Rods on my 2014 650

is american star what is recommended most?

can someone give me a part number for the exact one i need?

any advice/help appreciated
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American star sell a few different ones for the G 2's. I like the heim joint kit, but they have just the rods that will go on stock ends (tie rod ends). Just depends on your preference. Look around the site and make sure you are looking at stuff that fits your bike, lots of applications on their site. Call them if in doubt.
The all balls tie rod ends suck. I put on their tie rods after bending an OEM and the rubber seals let water and mud in. The OEM ends fit on the new rods.
I put the ASR rods in both my machines using the stock ends. They have been on there for 3 years running 31" tires with no issues. If memory serves me right they were $60 a st on Ebay.
Has anyone tried the Moose or are there any other recommended aftermarket companies?I've got two projects a DS450 and Predator 500 that both need ball and tie rod ends.
Moose and All Balls are the same parts.
I just installed the All Balls kit, they are a lot beefier stock. I pack the tie rods with grease. I used a needle bit and slid it down between the steel rod and rubber and pack them full of grease. They seemed really tight to me, but I'll watch them closely, thanks Rockhead.
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