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What have you done that's kinda crazy to get everything on the trailer?

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New toyhauler, wanted it capable of hauling a bunch of stuff. ATV had to go in the tail, sideways.
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You were determined Good stuff
Dang! You almost needed an engineer to get all that in there....oh wait, lol
Looks like you could use more garage space and less living quarters, or a bigger TH! LOL. That looks like a lot of work to get loaded up!

If you loaded the motorcycle at a 45 degree angle (pull in straight and turn it 45*) would the quad fit straight?

What are the bumpers for?
Tight fit. What about loading the ATV first then fit everything else in around it. Nice trailer!
Sure hope your axles weren't overweight. I'm guessing you are pulling either a 30WRS or a 34WRS which gives you somewhere around 4300-4500 pounds of cargo capacity. Should be plenty for that load unless the bumpers weigh more than I would think.

- bsd
Gross was just under 25k #
Had plenty of headroom on trailer, truck and hitch.
2011+ Ford Superduty bumpers are light for what they are, ~200#s, they look a lot heavier than they actually weigh.
3/4s of a tank of water too.
Coulda put another 2000 on the trailer
34WRS w/ 7000lb axles & G rated tires.

I cut the front rail off on my trailer so the first atv goes to the V area by the tongue of the trailer. I fit 2 1000's with oversized tires and lifts on a 12' trailer. HAVE BEEN CREATIVE A FEW TIMES.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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