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My current setup lists as follows: 30 inch silverback for the mud, 26 inch bighorns for the mountains.

It is fully snorkeled.

Will have muzzy slipon and afr+ controller.

I want to get back the low end grunt but I also don't want to be turning crazy rpm when cruising in H range at 15-20 mph.

Is the yellow primary spring to high of an engagement to rock crawl in the mountains or would the tan spring be better, also is the new secondary spring necessary for my setup or would it hurt when I take the bighorns and head up to the mountains?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi txhouse,
It is a pretty common thing to have 2 sets of tires and applications. It is sometimes tough to be calibrated the "best" for both, and you need to choose the priority if the clutching will be left alone.
However, since "rock crawling in mountains" is part of it I assume that it means some high elevation goes with that?. If so the elevation robs some power as well and we could customize something a bit to be suitable for both.

The combination you are referring to with tires and riding may suggest that you like the Tan as a primary spring (primary springs are quick easy test later anyways), The green/yellow primary that comes in the kit is by far the most common ,that is why it is the one in the kit, however personal preference comes into play....but judging from your request, and rock crawling you mention, that would be my first inclination.

DBO800M kit so that you have all the necessary stuff, because there is a distinct improvement with the 30's, ...and if low speed rock crawling, it may be a good choice.

however, ....that secondary spring will have some of the effect you talked about in midrange when running 26" will in fact have a slightly higher rpm in mid cruise, and burn a bit more fuel. It will not be "turning crazy rpm" or anything, but you are correct it will be higher. Depending your elevation, etc that may be a good thing.

Which set of tires and application is most common and is most important to you?....

Ideally you may want to remove the secondary spring for the 26's and there is a set up we can give in the primary flyweights that can remain constant for you probably.

It all depends on you preferences and priorities, and if you want the best calibration all the time, or want to have a comprimize here or there for the sake of not changing...(that is how it is)...I'm happy to help you with all of that if you like.
email me and we will discuss your specific situation and needs,thanks
[email protected]
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