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So I think its time to trade in the trusty ol outty for something new. But now im racking my brain trying to decide on what I want.
Options im thinking of are the Reney 1000 xxc, Outty 1000 xtp. Im really leaning towards the Reney due to the fact that I sure do like to throw my outty around and I think the reney would suit my style. But also like the outty due to its front and rear racks for carrying crap, but I kinda find that carrying all this stuff on my current atv makes me slow down a little and ride less aggressive.
Now on the flip side I really like the awesomeness of the XMR. im willing to adjust my riding style to suit the xmr and keep all 4 wheels on the ground all the time. The local dealer will have a 2014 xmr (air ride) next month which means a short wait. But they also have a 2015 (FOX shocks) coming in September which means a longer wait.
Has anyone gone from an outty to a reney and wished they hadn't?
Sorry for the ramble but you people are the only ones who will understand where im coming from. LOL. The wife is getting tired of hearing me debate each machine to myself.
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