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Why Buy a 4500 lb Winch?

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This week I began my annual exercise of felling, limbing, winching, washing, bucking, splitting, and stacking wood. Once again I was reminded of how much bloody work it is, but I digress.

A few times I used the quad to help with some winching (new 4500lb winch), and was struck with just how much it couldn't do. An 800lb machine with all wheels locked just gets dragged towards a 2000 lb log laying on the ground. The log doesn't budge, whereas a 72cc chainsaw motor with a Lewis winch tethered to a tree, has no problem. It's rated at 4000lb straight pull, 8000lb with a snatch block.

Last Winter I asked the question about tethering the quad to a tree, by the trailer hitch, to take advantage of the 4500lb pulling force, and most people said this was a bad idea. Might lead to frame damage or winch mount damage.

So the question arises, why do they sell 4500lb ATV winches when you aren't supposed to pull that hard? :th_smiliepullhair:

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its a bit different when both objects that are hooked can move, when your ATV is stuck your usually hooking to a stationary object. I've chained my bike to a pickup more than a few times to winch things on my float trailer and its always worked well
The forces are different between pulling strictly from the winch as opposed to anchoring the rear at the hitch and pulling from the winch.
What you need is a arch to run the cable over so you get a bit of lift. Doesn't matter what you have if the thing you need to pull is heavier then what you've got to pull you haven't got much hope. And yes tethering off with a quad is a bad idea. Know of one guy that tried to winch his truck into his garage and ended up making a mess of his quad. tied it off to another truck. Only thing you can do is double up your pulling power with a snatch block and tie off to a tree or a dead man. I personally don't like tying off to the quad as they're just not really meant for that. Their not a heavy wrecker after all just a toy however with enough snatch blocks and anchors you could almost move mountains with it.
4500 LB winches are for SxS not ATVs
Thanks guys.

I'll remember poor farmer/logger's idea of tying a snatch block to something stationary. That will help.
Your winch has its maximum pulling power when most of the cable is pulled out of the spool. They rate these things from the first layer around the spool.

If you only pull out 10'to 15' of cable you probably only have 60-70% of your winch's pulling power available.

Factor in having 4 tires and a frame stuck in the mud and you could easily stall one of the typical ATV winches.
I have a 2500 with a 4500 synthetic line since I kept snapping 2500lb lines. More than enough for an atv
Just cause its an atv winch doesnt mean it can go on anything.. I have a 12k winch for my diesel but doesnt mean im gonna slap it on a ranger and go pull the same amount... As far as tethering to a tree it depends what you wanna pull. Pulling 2k will be fine. My 3,000 lb on my bike and my buddies 3k winch on his rhino pulled out a lifted lifted 4 door wrangler from a ditch. We were both tethered to a tree. That was back when I had 100 miles on my bike... Pulled out a few things since then with no problem. Thing with winching is you have to dig youself into a hole to get a good grip winching. Had to do that this winter when I pulled my buddies maverick out..
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