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Working Fuel gauge but not reading on screen

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I bought my outlander from an Older man that never rode it. It has 400 miles and it looks brand new. It is an 08 i have done some research on here and found out that this is a common problem but my question is how to fix it. i put a hanger down in the gas tank and hooked it onto the float and lifted up and the fuel gauge went right to full. but if i fill the tank up the gauge will say its empty. why doesnt it work with fuel but will work with a hanger when being pulled up.
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Is the float punctured or saturated with fuel as in it's not floating?
is there anyway to tell that without taking the tank out?
The float should be very light and very little resistance to move the arm up and down. Shot in the dark but... maybe take the pump assembly out and fish a string through the gas filler neck out through the pump hole and tie on to the float arm. Maybe you can pull on the string through the filler neck once reinstalled and see if it's just sitting on the bottom.
how hard is it to take pump assembly out on a gen 1
Disconnect fuel line, vent and wire and unscrew the big retainer ring. Done
but the assembly is on the bottom of the tank right?
Oh my bad. Comes out the top on my G1 xmr. I missed where you said you could grab with a coat hanger. Floats probably sunk.
So anyone got any steps to gettin the tank out?
You can find a video on YouTube. It is just what you need, I remember seeing it a while ago!

How to Diagnose and Replace the Fuel Pump in a Can Am Quad
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