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Xmr full skid plates

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I purchased a 2015 can am outlander 1000 Xmr at time of purchase I also ordered the can am full skid plate for the machine. The dealer is telling me that they don't make the skid plate pieces for the front A arms has anyone else had this problem ? I mean when I purchased the bike they brought out the book of accessories and showed the full skid plate set up over $600 worth of plates and only covers 80% of the machine anyone have part number for skid plates for the front A arms or does anyone have the 2015 1000 Xmr with skid plates already installed or did your to come without the front A arm plates ?
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Brp catalog shows p/n 715001667 fits 2013-2015 outlander except with the 400 engine.
Those won't fit the fine print at the bottom says not for the xmr
Not sure why. Says they fit the 6x6 and it's p/n for p/n the same as the xmr on the front a arms. Hmm
I even went to the brp site looked up individual pieces it says except xmr skid plates are on except my front A arms lol my luck
Looks like ricohet is running a good deal this month so there ya go!
Guess the dealership gonna foot the bill for the A arm set since I already paid for the can am set I'll know more tomorrow stay tuned
That's ridiculous. You can get a complete set of ricochet from us, anodized and shipped for less than $600. Less than $500 plain. And it's a COMPLETE set.
Ok no luck on skid plates I asked for a refund I decided to keep everything that fit and got a refund on the front A arm ones and the rvsperformance you guys got a number ?
Yes, you can call us at 651-500-0657 from 8-8 central time M-sat. or visit our site at
Ok thanks what I found out when I picked my ride up is the A arm protector hits the shock next weekend I'm headed to an event and I'm gonna check out any and all 2015 xmr's I can find and see if they've had any issues or what there using I had also asked about upgrades and such and the dealer said as long as I'm not breaking the engine open to upgrade internal parts my warrenty would stay in effect so I'll be looking at a set of dual exhaust snorkel and other upgrades in the future
Sounds good. Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.
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