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Xt rear bumper kit

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I want to put the rear bumper on my 2015 xmr but i dont kno which is the correct one to order. The picture looks right but the years dont add up. P/n 705005019 is the one i thout was right but when i went on canam website and looked up the part number it shows p/n 715000948 for the g2 800r and 1000. But when you look that part number up on other parts websites or on google it brings up the gen1 rear bumper. Help which one and where do i order from
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Can Am 2012 and Up XT Rear Bumper Brush Guard 715000948 Free Shipping | eBay

This is where im getting mine. Keep in mind all G2 chassis are the same when it comes to body work unless its a max chassis then i think the only body work that would be different are the side panels.
that's what I thought. lets hope its right. if not ill let you kno so u don't order it
Awesome man thanks.
Off topic but i see ur in tampa. Where do yall ride? My crew is looking to experience some new mud lol was at ryc 2 weeks ago plannin to go again in may.
I have some private property that i ride on but come the beginning of next year im going to be looking into buying into river ranch and there is also another place called holopaw that you can buy into as well and you get the rites to ride on like 10,000 acres of land, but i think river ranch is bigger. Also polk county just opened a new atv park in mulberry called bone valley atv park im going to go check that place out in a week or so. Here is a link to holopaw and river ranch.
Suburban Estates Holopaw Florida Recreational Land
River Ranch Acres Florida Recreational Property Land For Sale
yea im looking into river ranch also. have a few friends with camps out there. ill have to check out that place in mulberry
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